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Our Purpose

Gainsmith is a new British business dedicated to bringing inventive, natural and potent solutions to fitness, nutrition, diet, weight loss and lifestyle challenges.  We recognise real life complexity and the obstacles it presents to achieving your personal goals and living life your way.  Through a clear focus on convenience, health, efficacy and practicality, we will help you square your ambition with your commitments to work, family, friends and, most importantly, yourself.

Taste the Goodness Vegetables & Whey


This is a family business and we’re a principled bunch. It’s not something we’ve worked on. We just want to be passionate about our business and what we do for our customers. That means selling only what we wholeheartedly believe in. This enables us to be transparent, because there’s literally nothing to hide; nothing that we wouldn’t happily tell you. If there’s something we don’t like about a product, it needs to be fixed or removed, not hidden, before you get to buy it.

Leek & Pea Diet Whey Protein Soup - One of Our First Products

First Innovations

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, well so are exasperation, inconvenience and discomfort. These were the feelings experienced by Steve – our managing partner – when trying to adopt a higher protein, lower carb diet. Constantly searching for quick, convenient and healthy sources of protein became a real drag. And taking shortcuts with protein shakes, caused bloating and worse. Checking the ingredients lists to learn what was in his protein shake was alarming. That’s why we developed our high protein dried soup mixes.

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