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Never has it been more important to focus on your health. Here we post information to help you make health your new project.

Immune Health

ABC of Eating for Immune Health

The ABC…DE of Eating for Immune Health

Your diet can provide everything your body needs for a healthy immune system. But is yours? Getting all the right nutrients and dietary compounds doesn’t need to be difficult.Discover our easy as ABC…DE solution and the science behind it.

The Easy Way to Eat for Gut and Immune Health

Make Health Your Project - Your Immune System

Your Gut is the Root of Your Immune System

70% of your immune system cells are found in your gut. Plus, there’s an ecosystem of 30 trillion microbes living within it that are essential to your immune response. What you eat effects your health and theirs. And, the good health of your immune system depends on a healthy balance of microbes in your gut. Now’s the time to nurture nature’s helpers, so you can fight coronavirus together.

Why Your Gut Health Is Fundamental To Immune Health

Healthy Food Recipes

Piri Piri Salmon Fillet & Dirty Vegetable Rice

Piri Piri Salmon Fillet & Dirty Vegetable Rice

One of our free itemised recipes for a healthy higher protein diet. These easy tasty meals aren’t just higher protein, they are packed with natural goodness too. And, importantly, we make them as clean as possible from unhelpful artificial additives. Anyone can make these foods and, unlike a takeaway, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.

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Unhealthy Additives

Diet & Protein Powder Shakes

What’s in your protein powder or diet shake?

Protein and diet shakes contain more than just different types of protein. Check the ingredients list and you’ll often find a multitude of extra ingredients; ingredients that you may not recognise. Many of those extras are artificial additives; man-made chemical compounds. They’re mostly added to make your shake more palatable. But, what else do they do? Are they having a positive or negative effect on your body? Find out in our detailed analysis of common shake ingredients.

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