Clean Nutrition for Fitness & Weight Loss

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Gainsmith nutrition is clean and convenient. We avoid additives, like sugars, artificial sweeteners flavourings and thickeners and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Our flavours are a celebration of the natural goodness in our food products. After all, why make something that’s supposed to be good for you, taste like it isn’t? Especially when that means loading it with added sugars or artificial sweeteners and adding fake flavours. Some of those ingredients definitely won’t help you achieve your goals. Discover more about Gainsmith here

Trio of Natural Ingredients in Our Protein Products

Informed Diet Choices

We want you to make an informed choice when purchasing Gainsmith nutritional products. Our philosophy is to have nothing to hide, so we can be completely open and upfront. We don’t put anything in our products that we wouldn’t happily shout about on the front of the pack. Not all manufacturers can say that, which is why you should always check the back and read the ingredients list.

In that small print on the back of other products, you may find ingredients you don’t recognise. Things with weird names. So, even when you’ve read the ingredients list, maybe you’re still not entirely sure what’s in it! We’ve put some food additives information here to help you. Go decode those ingredients lists and discover what you’re really eating and drinking.

What's In Your Protein Shake?

Protein Shakes and Diet Drinks

Protein shakes have gone from niche, hardcore bodybuilding supplements, to mass market products. Rising interest in higher protein, lower carbohydrate diets is one major trend behind the growth. There has been an explosion in the number of products available. And, with so many of us now supping them so often, we should really know what’s in them. Compare your favourite shake with this no-nonsense guide to common ingredients: What’s in my protein shake?

Example Protein Diet Easy Meal - Piri Piri Salmon

High Protein Diet Meals

It can be exhausting thinking about what to eat when you’re following any kind of diet, even a high protein diet. Then there’s the nutritional fact checking and calculations to make sure you’re not eating hidden fats or carbs or calories or messing with your macros. It all takes time and effort. Of course, the alternative is to eat the same things all the time. That’s not just boring but unhealthy. You could be taking in more heavy metals or other environmental pollutants than advisable – eg with tuna. Likewise, your high FODMAP food intake could exceed comfortable levels, causing bloating or diarrhea. Or, you might be missing out on important nutrients by not varying your diet. Well, stop stressing and check out our high protein meal suggestions archive. We publish easy lunches and breakfasts regularly with full nutrition breakdowns, saving you the hassle.