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Eat Clean Diet Whey Soups

Following the instructions for making your Eat Clean Diet Whey Soup is essential to producing a flavoursome, well mixed and creamy soup. Skip the cold water stage and you’ll produce a thin, lumpy, unappetising gruel.

How to prepare a tasty mug of Eat Clean Diet Whey Soup

  1. Pour a little (1 cm deep) of cold water into a mug.
    • This stops the mix overheating when you add the hot water
  2. Add 3 scoops (30g) of powder and stir vigorously until it is a thick blended liquid
    • Mixing thoroughly prevents clumps of unmixed recipe in your soup
    • If it becomes to thick to stir, add more cold water, a little at a time as you mix
    • It should be thick like porridge at this stage, but smooth not lumpy
  3. Add a splash (1cm deep) of recently boiled water and stir hard again
    • Be sure to mix all the way to the bottom
    • It should be a thick liquid now, more like cream or honey
  4. Top up slowly with more just boiled water while stirring continuously
    • It’s best to dribble the water in while stirring
    • Alternatively add in three parts and stir in-between
  5. Stir occasionally while drinking to prevent goodness settling
    • Because we don’t add any additives like emulsifiers, the solids will gradually sink to the bottom of your cup
    • Just keep your spoon at hand and stir from time to time to ensure you don’t miss any goodness