Eat Clean Diet Whey Leek & Pea Soup Mix


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Get 20g of high quality protein in your mug in minutes. Just 30g of easy-to-make Eat Clean Diet Whey Leek & Pea Soup Mix makes a tasty side order of high protein soup. It’s low in carbohydrate, fat, sugar and salt and does not contain any artificial additives. Great to enjoy with your lunch or snack.Available at Amazon - click to see at Amazon

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Eat Clean Diet Whey Leek & Pea Soup Mix 500g

What’s in this high protein soup mix?

We’ve layered natural plant goodness (leeks, spinach and kelp) and added European-produced vegetarian heat-stable Whey Protein Concentrate (80%) from grass-fed cows and pea protein extract to make this high protein soup mix. It’s a highly nutritious and delicious way to add protein to your diet, without adding much in the way of carbs, fat, sugar or salt. And, without consuming any artificial additives.  You can taste the natural plant goodness!

Per 30g as consumed* Per 100g Adult RI
Energy kJ (kcal) 458 (109kcal) 1528 (365kcal) 5.5%
Fat 1.4g 4.7g 2.0%
– of which saturates 0.7g 2.3g 3.5%
Carbohydrate 3.6g 12.0g 1.4%
– of which sugars 1.9g 6.3g 2.1%
Fibre 1.6g 5.4g
Protein 20.2g 67.2g 40.4%
Salt 0.15g 0.5g 5.6%
*Based on typical 30g powder mixed in 240ml water. RI = Adult Reference Intake. Typical values per 100ml: Energy 190kJ/ 45kcals

From the fridge and larder, not the lab

Our ingredients come from the fridge and larder, with only the addition of pure high quality whey and organic pea protein to deliver the extra protein your diet demands. Contains no added thickeners (like guar gum or xanthum gum) or fillers (like microcrystalline cellulose). Neither are artificial flavourings used.  Its appetizing flavour comes entirely from the  vegetables, super nutritious seaweed and  seasoning of garlic, thyme and pepper.

Natural Leek & Pea Protein Soup Ingredients
Leek & Pea Diet Whey Protein Soup is made from natural ingredients

Full Ingredients List (look – no artificial additives!)

European Whey Protein Concentrate (contains milk) from grass fed cows (using vegetarian rennet) and Organic Pea Protein with dehydrated: leek, kelp (fronds of Ascophyllum nodosum), spinach, thyme, garlic and black pepper. May contain peanut, nut, mustard, gluten, soya, sesame or celery traces.

This soup mix has a delicious leek and pea savoury taste and creamy texture, with zero added salt, sugar or artificial sweeteners (like sucralose or aspartame). It’s a ‘clean’, all-natural, real food alternative to getting protein in your diet. There’s no need to resort to bodybuilding and diet supplements, like those ‘dirty’ (check out the ingredients list!) additive-laden protein shakes and diet shakes.

Why a soup not a protein shake?

Whey is a food ingredient that has been part of our diet for centuries. It’s a by-product from cheese making and many uses have been found for it down the centuries. Remember the nursery rhyme “little Miss Muffet, sat on her Tuffet (whatever that is?) eating her curds and whey”?  Cooking whey makes ricotta cheese and it is substituted for water or milk in baking. Whey also replaces stock in some soup recipes, including ours. So, whey absolutely belongs in soup, as does vegetable goodness. What doesn’t belong are sugar, artificial flavourings, sweeteners, gums and additives, so we don’t need to put them in.  Quite simply, you cannot make something that tastes like a dessert without using stuff that’s not great for you or artificial alternatives.  The solution is to not make a dessert.  Instead, make a soup that tastes of the goodness that’s in it. That’s how Gainsmith’s Diet Whey Soup Mix range came to be.

A mug of high protein soup with a meal
Enjoy getting your extra protein with normal food at regular meal times

Why try a whey protein soup?

The flavour and nutritional value of Eat Clean Diet Whey Leek & Pea Soup Mix comes from the plant-based goodness in it. Over 40% of the mix is botanical.  Vegetable – leeks and spinach – are more than 20% by weight.

Getting enough protein can be tough, given the food choices available in our busy lives.  Finding options that aren’t loaded with something else – like excess salt or saturated fat or too much carbohydrate – is difficult. And, eating the same stuff all the time isn’t just boring, it’s ill-advised. Even a simple tin of tuna comes with a warning about the possible build up of heavy metals in the body.

Drinking a mug of Gainsmith’s Diet Whey Soup Mix can become part of your normal healthy eating regimen, boosting protein intake. Being low carb and low fat, it won’t dramatically impact calorie counting nor carbohydrate or fat intake.  It’s great for lunch with your favourite sandwich or jacket potato, or on it’s own.

Eat Clean Diet Whey Soup Mix 500g in the gym
Eat Clean Diet Whey Soup Mixes can help increase your daily protein intake

Following a high protein/ low carb diet for weight loss? Needing extra protein to retain or build muscle mass? Perhaps you are vegetarian or flexitarian and just looking for an extra source of protein in your diet? Why not try Gainsmith’s Diet Whey Soup Mix range? It’s the easy way to add extra protein to your healthy eating regimen!

How to prepare a tasty mug of Eat Clean Diet Whey Soup

  1. Pour a little (1 cm deep) of cold water into a mug
  2. Add 3 scoops (30g) of powder and stir vigorously until it is a thick blended liquid
  3. Add a splash (1cm deep) of recently boiled water and stir hard again
  4. Top up with more just boiled water while stirring continuously
  5. Stir occasionally while drinking to prevent goodness settling

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