Apples: Every Day Super Food for Your Gut & Immune System

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Did your granny say that too? Well, new science proves granny was right and in more ways than she knew!

Having read up on the scientifically proven benefits of eating apples, we at Gainsmith are absolutely raving about them – as well as all eating them daily! And, whether your favourite is Golden Delicious or Granny Smith, heroic apples feature in our FREE science-based checklist for Eating for Gut and Immune Health.

So, here’s why eating a humble apple a day could be the quickest, easiest, simplest health hack ever!

Apples contain pectin – scientifically proven to be a potent prebiotic. Prebiotics are a kind of special fertiliser that helps friendly gut bacteria, but amazingly typically does not promote unhealthy species. Science has shown friendly gut bacteria help train and regulate your immune system, reducing the likelihood of auto-immune diseases and run-away inflammatory responses.

A study at the Laboratory of Food Hygiene at Nippon University found that pectin assisted the incubation of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus – two of the main families of probiotic (gut health) bacteria. Conversely, Enterobacteriaceae – the group whose pathogenic villains include E-Coli, Salmonella and Enterobacter – actually tended to decline in numbers.

Apples provide soluble fibre too. Soluble fibre has so many benefits: regulating digestion, helping prevent spikes in blood sugar and reducing the absorption of LDL cholesterol. Now new science shows it stimulates production of a specific anti-inflammatory protein in your gut as well. It “changes immune cells from being pro-inflammatory warrior cells to anti-inflammatory peacekeeper cells”, according to a University of Illinois study. This speeds healing and recovery from infection.

Don’t forget apples also deliver vitamin C and potassium. Essential vitamins and minerals for good health.

We think this triple impact makes the humble apple an every day hero and one you can easily add to your diet!

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