Fishy Fake Pizza Slice with Mackerel & Cheddar

Fishy Fake Pizza Slices

A deliciously meaty, fresh and filling slice with echos of pizza or bruschetta (with tomato and oregano, the flavour is definitely Italian!). Add a good dash of balsamic vinegar on top of the mackerel to reduce the fishy flavour – it’s included in the nutritional analysis. Protein: 19g/ Carbs: 23g/ Fat: 17.7g/ Calories 335kcal … [Read …] Fishy Fake Pizza Slices

High protein mackerel toastie with cheddar and tomato

Mackerel Thirds Protein Toastie

A working lunch that delivers (pretty much) the magic thirds: 1/3rd protein, 1/3rd fat, 1/3rd carbs (apple not included!) If you’re not a fan of fish, try this one anyway. The mackerel is prepared with a cap full (9ml) of balsamic vinegar, plus a squirt of low fat salad cream (all included in nutritional analysis). …

Mackerel Thirds Protein Toastie [Read …]

Diet Whey Protein Soup is perfect with a sandwich

High protein, low carb, low fat soups with no artificial additives. Quick, convenient, all natural nutrition for modern life