Extra Filling Fruit & Nut Chocolate Pancakes

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Breakfast Pancakes

Special extra filling breakfast pancakes with a secret ingredient – mushrooms! Wait, listen you can’t really taste the mushrooms. Not if you follow the recipe and mush them up well. These pancakes are a fruity nutty chocolatey treat that’s not too naughty and very filling. That’s where the mushrooms come in; to bulk it out … Read more

Vegan Protein Healthier for Heart

Meat protein linked to increased risk of heart disease in large study. Protein from nuts and seeds found beneficial for the human heart. A study of 81,000 participants found:- A 60-percent increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD) amongst people with diets high in meat. A 40-percent reduction in CVD for those consuming large amounts of protein … Read more