Fishy Fake Pizza Slices

Fishy Fake Pizza Slice with Mackerel & Cheddar

A deliciously meaty, fresh and filling slice with echos of pizza or bruschetta (with tomato and oregano, the flavour is definitely Italian!). Add a good dash of balsamic vinegar on top of the mackerel to reduce the fishy flavour – it’s included in the nutritional analysis. Protein: 19g/ Carbs: 23g/ Fat: 17.7g/ Calories 335kcal …

Tasty Protein Fix Chicken Recipes

The vast majority of fitness fans who aren’t vegetarian or vegan lean heavily on chicken as a major source of protein. Many eat chicken every day. Guess what? Eating anything (probably even chocolate) day in, day out can become a chore. So, new ways to shake-up the flavour of a fitness follower’s favourite fowl are … Read more