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About You: What’s your nutrition goal?

Eat Clean Diet Whey Soup in mug with  iPad showing workout

Eat Clean Diet Whey Soups – High Protein & All-Natural

Our high protein Diet Whey soup range delivers 20g of high quality protein per serving, with minimal carbohydrate, fats and less than 110 calories (kcal). Boost that sandwich lunch by enjoying a tasty mug of soup with it! A great high protein diet snack.

Taste the Goodness Vegetables & Whey

Clean eating nutrition with natural goodness you can taste

All natural flavours in Gainsmith fitness foods

No added sugars or sweeteners, salt, artificial flavourings or other additives

Fitness foods prepared with mug and kettle

Real eating for real life: quick, convenient, highly nutritious

Supporting your gym and diet goals

Achieve your nutrition and diet goals easily in a fast-paced life

Diet Whey Broccoli Soup with Bacon Sandwich

Easy protein-packed nutrition for high protein/ low carb. diets

About Gainsmith

Gainsmith is a family business born out of necessity and passion. We created the first products for ourselves, when struggling to square nutrition goals with modern working life (see why high protein dried soup mixes?). It’s amazing to be able to share these tasty, 100% natural, additive free foods with you. We sell only products we wholeheartedly believe in; products we use. Learn more about Gainsmith, our principles and aims here.

Steve Sugden – Founder

Diet & fitness foods with natural goodness you can taste

  • Eat Clean Diet Whey Broccoli Soup 5 Serving 150g Trial Pack
    Eat Clean Diet Whey Broccoli Soup Mix 150g Trial Size
  • Eat Clean Diet Whey Leek & Pea Soup Mix, 500g Pack
    Eat Clean Diet Whey Leek & Pea Soup Mix
  • Eat Clean Diet Whey Broccoli Soup 16 Serving 500g Pack
    Eat Clean Diet Whey Broccoli Soup Mix

Make Health Your Project

High Protein Quick Lunch Ideas

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What is In Diet & Protein Shakes?

What’s in Your Protein or Diet Shake?

Some bestselling protein shakes include artificial sweeteners, preservatives, thickeners, bulking agents, high FODMAP sugar alcohols, added sugar or salt and more. Check the ingredients list of your favourite shake. Use our fact finder for common diet & protein shake ingredients to get the full nutrition story.

Diet Whey Protein Soup is perfect with a sandwich

High protein, low carb, low fat soups with no artificial additives. Quick, convenient, all natural nutrition for modern life